Laurie's Real Estate Thoughts June 22, 2023

Trust and Loyalty

Trust and Loyalty

     I recently had a client tell me that I am her Realtor for life. It was so nice to hear! ❤️ With her situation, she isn’t looking to purchase right now but will within a year. She is from out of state and just wants to get the know the area before she purchases. I have tried really hard to help her find a rental that works for her and her family. The rental market is tough because there are so many scams, the property management company is extremely hard to get a hold of, etc. I am not the first agent that she has worked with recently and she has said she’s been ghosted by them. Rental hunting is hard in a different way than house hunting or selling. She knows how hard this market can be and for her to trust me to help her find her house when she is ready to buy is amazing. To have that loyalty with her is something that we have tried to build on with our business.

    Matt and I work really hard in ways that our clients don’t see. With our job, it may take a lot of negotiation before a resolution for something our clients need or request. We may have 12 hour days working multiple contracts and helping multiple clients. So it was so nice to hear that she was so appreciative for the work that was unseen. Now I have trust and loyalty with my client and that is something that drives our business! ❤️

    If you or someone you know is looking for a Realtor to make a home purchase or sell a home, we would appreciate the opportunity to see if we could be a fit! Matt and I work really well as a team and split duties often, and that allows us to take on more clients! 😊 #nwarealestate #nwasoldwithsimpson

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