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Real Estate without a Realtor

Real Estate Without a Realtor

April 27, 2023

   Today I came across a poll on one of the local fb groups asking about buying and selling property without an agent. There were several comments about how easy the process was without a Realtor, very few advocating for one. I wanted to express some of my thoughts here and why I think you should not buy or sell real estate without a Realtor. Obviously, this is the career my husband and I chose to pursue and love doing. ❤️🏡
   Before real estate, I worked for the Department of Finance and Administration as a tax auditor. The relationship between the State and the taxpayer is an adversarial one. No matter how nice each party was, their goals are in complete opposition. At the core, one is wanting the most amount of money. And the other is wanting the least. 🤷‍♀️

Buyers and Sellers are Adversarial by Nature

   This also applies to a buyer and seller’s relationship. The goals ultimately for each are not in the best interest of the other. The buyer is wanting to spend the least amount of money for the house that the seller is wanting the most money for.🤔 These goals cannot be achieved simultaneously. The goal of a Realtor is to get the best for the party they represent. And I know some Realtors have given the profession a bad rep. And there are buyers and sellers who, based on past experiences, would rather not use one. I will say that most service professions have their bad eggs. For those of us who can name an awful lawyer, one who puts in the least amount of effort for a paycheck, I’m sure we can name a real estate agent too. 😳

Don’t Buy/Sell Without a Realtor

   Buying and selling property is a massive financial transaction and it’s important to have your representation. I have heard horror stories of people going unrepresented (especially as buyers) and the opposing party took advantage of them. Or completely changed the terms during the transaction and causing the buyer to lose the house. Because sellers, that are unrepresented, have less restrictions that means less protections for those buyers.

   Unrepresented sellers are not held to the same standards as Listing Agents in the MLS. Buyers can be misled and then stuck with the financial consequences. Sure, there can be legal ramifications for sellers who are misleading, but courts are often backed up with cases. Time of the Essence might not matter much. And hiring a lawyer now comes out of pocket for the buyer when a Realtor representing them MAY have prevented the bad purchase in the first place. 😟 And I won’t go into all of the scams I have heard recently.

Find a Realtor Who is a Fit For You

   It is important to find the best Realtor for you. Interview some, check their reviews, follow their online presence and see if it is someone you feel like you can trust. You do not have to go with the first Realtor you come across, just like you don’t have to buy the first house you see online. Do you research because it’s important to protect yourself and your interests. Because someone WILL be a fit for you.💯 They will earn that paycheck for the services they provide for you. 💯 There are so many amazing Realtors in NWA. Find the one that matches your personality as a buyer/seller and will work for your best interests. Find a Realtor that is experienced. There are so many things that can go wrong during the process (through no fault of your own or your Realtor) and you need someone that knows how to handle them. 

   But not all real estate transactions are difficult. Sometimes you will have an experience where it was easy, just like those comments in that fb post. And everyone hopes for a smooth real estate transaction. But that isn’t always the case. 😎 Always be diligent, as the opposing party has their own interests that oppose your own. And that’s ok, that’s real estate! 🏡 Find someone you know will work for you and your best interests!

Check Matt’s Reviews

   Look at the reviews/recommendations for Matt here. Matt and I are experienced and want the best for our clients. It is our priority to get what is in our clients’ best interests when they are buying and selling.

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